Saturday, April 23, 2005

Tunecast update

Think: I posted that I was not happy with the range from the Belkin RF transmitter so I decided to used John Riney's comment and added some wire to the internal antenna of the Belkin Tunecast II from the link: tunecast antenna mod.

Create: The instructions are clear and well documented at the link above so i won't rewrite them here. Just really be careful with the battery leads b/c they are very fragile as i had to repair them 2x's :)


Found the blue wire labeled "ANT", snipped it, soldered it, and taped it up.


Closed it back up and pulled the wire easily out the other side.

Complete: I didn't get the full range i was looking for, only added ~1' of wire, but after placing the modified tunecast next to the podcast shower radio I have no more random pops and fadeouts! Thanks John!

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John Riney said...

Rock on!


Anonymous said...

You can increase the voltage to this thing too.