Saturday, December 30, 2006

revision3 + MCE + µTorrent = good times

Here's a guide on how to use µTorrent (microTorrent) to automatically download Revision3 shows for playback on a Media Center Edition (MCE) machine.

Parts List:
- Download the latest version of µTorrent.
- For customized folder icons, a graphic editor Gimp or Gimpshop.

So I tried MythTV, BeyondTV, MCE, & SageTV. They all have their own advantages. I settled on MCE simply because it's been running the longest without failure (believe it or not). Other bittorrent clients will also work, µTorrent has been running smoothly for me.

Now, here's how I download content that I like ...

A. Locate the RSS feed of a rev3 show:
  1. Goto -> click on "Diggnation"
  2. Locate the "Torrents Feeds" on the right
  3. Right click on your format of choice
    1. Note: For MCE bliss choose "WMV Large".
  4. Select "Copy link location" from right click menu

B. Add a RSS feed to µTorrent:
  1. Choose the "RSS Downloader" or Ctrl-R or the RSS feed icon.
  2. Under the feeds tab -> "Add" a new feed
  3. Paste the full link into text box:

C. Build a filter:
  1. Select the "Favorites" tab in the RSS Downloader window.
  2. Click "Add" -> enter title "digg"
  3. "Filter:" -> digg*
    1. Note: Rev3 torrents begin with the show name, so when u add other feeds, use the show name in the filter i.e. indigital*, ctrl*, notmtv* etc.
  4. "Save in:" -> Create and set a folder on your second hard drive: "Z:\Video Podcasts\diggnation".
    1. Note: I found it's best to DL bittorrent files to a separate physical drive so it doesn't mess with fragmenting your recorded TV and allows smooth playback.
  5. "Feed:" -> select the "diggnation" feed
  6. "Give download highest priority:" -> this will allow you to download it as soon as it's added.
  7. "Minimal interval:" -> 12 hours (timing is open to debate, see µTorrent site for details)

  8. Repeat for additional rev3 shows and others, i.e. Leo's "Call For Help" RSS feed.
  9. Depending on your machines performance, throttle your upload & download speed so it doesn't interfere with live TV recording: Options -> Preferences -> Connection -> Bandwidth Limiting.
D. MCE setup
  1. To visually enhance the setup a little more, you can customize the folder icons.
  2. Download any picture, edit it if you wish, & save it in the shows folder as "folder.jpg".
    1. Note: A quick google search led me to Jeffrey Klassen digg water drop pictures
  3. The folder image will be updated shortly after adding the new "folder.jpg" image.

E: Output video:
  1. Connect the TV to GeForce 6200LE via S-Video
  2. Connect the monitor via DVI
  3. Use the NVIDIA TV Wizard & set mode to "Dualview"
  4. Access the desktop and µTorrent on first display 1024x768 (monitor)
  5. Move & maximize the MCE interface screen on second display 800x600 (TV)
  6. -Or- view the shows on your Xbox media center extender.
Let µTorrent run in the background, download all your shows, & seed files for others. Watch the latest full screen video podcast shows from the native MCE interface, no plug-ins required.

Enjoy! nickc316 at gmail