Monday, February 15, 2010

How to Open a Fantom GreenDrive

To open a Fantom GreenDrive 1 TB, peel off the "void warranty if removed" sticker on the side to reveal 2 screws.

Fantom GreenDrive 1 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive GD1000EU

These screws were difficult to remove, so apply firm pressure to them when unscrewing in order to avoid stripping the screws.

Overall this drive is a solid case with an excellent Western Digital SATA 1TB 8MB cache Caviar Greendrive.

The reason for disassembling the drive was to connect another fullsize SATA drive to my laptop. To make life easier, I'll be ordering USB 2.0 to IDE SATA HDD Hard Drive Converter Cable for future connections :)


Tom Morrisey said...

Just wanted to say you're damn right on the screws -- I stripped the hell out of one of our drives at work. What the hell kind of stresses did they think this drive was going to be put under?!

suss2it said...

Thanks for this, was wondering how to do it. God damn though, those screws are gonna put up a fight aren't they?

nickc said...

The power supply has been flaky and I had to restart it a couple of times. I may just salvage the drive and ditch the case. I hope it's not the drive. Anyone else having issues?

Unknown said...

the power supply went out completely and yes i stripped one of the screws even when applying firm pressure is there anything else i need 2 get it apart besides the 2 screws?

Joseph wills said...

Is it really work in this way ?
I pray it can work I am so much excited!
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Wired One said...

Okay, I've stripped the screws.. any suggestions?